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Διστάζω να υιοθετήσω την απόδοση που είδα σήμερα στην Ελευθεροτυπία, «ο περίπατος του δράστη» — σε μεγάλο βαθμό επειδή ο κρατούμενος, ο ύποπτος, έχει γίνει perp (=perpetrator), δηλαδή «δράστης», και αυτό που πάει περίπατο είναι το τεκμήριο της αθωότητας (presumption of innocence). Ακόμα πιο εκνευριστικά αθώος είναι ο όρος «περίπατος» για τη διαπόμπευση. Εμείς έχουμε ένα απλό «μεταφορά του κρατουμένου».

Με την ευκαιρία, μερικά ενδιαφέροντα στοιχεία από τη Wikipedia:


The perp walk has been described as primarily serving the interests of the police and the media rather than the defendant. "Cynics might call the perp walk the crime reporter's red carpet", says crime reporter Art Miller. "Police and prosecutors get to show off their trophy. [We] lap it up because that's all we know we're going to get" since so many other aspects of the criminal justice system prior to trial take place out of public view, and even trials themselves may not always be televised or even photographed. "Those 30 seconds of a perp walk are the lifeblood to the TV news. Between that and the mug shot that is often all you got as visuals to tell a crime story."

Some broader social benefits have been suggested, in particular transparency. The perp walk allows the police to demonstrate that they did not physically abuse the defendant upon arrest. Prosecutors say it sends a message that no one is above the law, and the likelihood of being perp-walked after arrest deters criminal behavior on the part of offenders, especially white-collar criminals, who might otherwise believe they could successfully avoid conviction. Lastly, police say that the image of a suspect being taken into custody, when publicized, can encourage other witnesses to come forward with relevant information.

"t does perform some social functions", says New York Times columnist John Tierney. "A community shaken by an act of deviancy wants reassurance that moral order has been restored, and a perp walk accomplishes this much more quickly than the courts can. But, then, so does a lynching." He argues its real social value lies in shaming:
For one brief moment, the perp loses the city's protective anonymity and feels, like Hester Prynne, the moral claustrophobia of a righteous community. Puritans can argue that this is good for the perp's soul, but let's not pretend we're doing it for his benefit. The perp walk is for everyone else. It honors the police, sells papers, boosts television ratings and entertains the public—all at the expense of a person who is supposed to have the presumption of innocence.​


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Δεν έχουμε αντίστοιχα και την προσαγωγή του κρατούμενου;

Και, μήπως θα έπρεπε άραγε στα ελληνικά να παίξουμε με πομπέματα και μουτζουρώματα;