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3d modeling


3d modeling is a process where architects and interior designers build a 3-dimensional digital model of their design in the computer. I’m wondering what the phrase would be in Greek and if there’s a more formal phrase and a colloquial phrase both for the activity of 3d modeling (“I am a 3d modeler” or “I have built a 3d model of my design” and for the final product?

Thank you.


3D modelling is the process of creating three-dimensional representations of an object or a surface. It is not limited to architecture, although architecture and interior design are the areas where the technique is more obvious.
Α physical architectural model is μακέτα ή πρόπλασμα.
The person who is employed to create these models is a μακετίστας.
A digital architectural model is ψηφιακή μακέτα.
Not sure how you would call those who design them. Also, not sure what you mean by colloquial. It's a job title, so how colloquial can it be?


"τρισδιάστατο (or 3D) μοντέλο" is also commonly used.

More specifically:
"τρισδιάστατο ψηφιακό μοντέλο" for the digital version
"τρισδιάστατο φυσικό μοντέλο" for the physical model


I suppose you're right, SBE, although nowadays the term is more often than not used to allude to a 3D printed model as opposed to traditional physical models which are largely constructed by hand.

If one wanted to be pedantic, it could also be argued that there are various types of physical models of various dimensional parameters and configurations. 😜
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My sister is an architect and she recently had some problems with a colleague she hired to make 3D models of her plans, so that was all I heard about for several days. Apparently, the term they use is simply "τα τρισδιάστατα", and a 3D modeller is someone who "κάνει τρισδιάστατα".