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triumphalism = θριαμβολογίες


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Να μια σοφή αυτοϋπόδειξη, που μπορεί να είναι χρήσιμη σε όλους:

No triumphalism. Όχι θριαμβολογίες.

Pronunciation: /trʌɪˈʌmf(ə)lɪz(ə)m/
[mass noun]

Excessive exultation over one’s success or achievements (used especially in a political context):
an air of triumphalism reigns in his administration
I don't think the public has yet forgiven the press for that episode of arrogance and premature triumphalism.
How could such euphoria and triumphalism end only two years later in the political cul-de-sac of voter apathy?
The songs and the chants are an end in themselves, triumphalism for people who experience precious few real triumphs.

Προσέξτε πώς η σημασία της λέξης ξεκίνησε, σύμφωνα με το OED, από τους εκκλησιαστικούς κύκλους:

The sense of pride (often linked with ostentation) in the rightness and achievements of one's Church (used pejoratively). Also in extended sense.
1964 R. McA. Brown Observer in Rome 27, I am greatly impressed by the recognition of human failings in this prayer and by its exclusion of the ‘triumphalism’ that has often seemed to characterize the church. [...]