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timeline = χρονολόγιο | χρονοδιάγραμμα | χρονογραμμή


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Θέλω κυρίως να επισημάνω τη χρήση του όρου στο Facebook (που δεν τη βρίσκω στα αγγλικά λεξικά) και τον νεολογισμό χρονογραμμή, που πάει να καθιερωθεί σε σχολικά κυρίως περιβάλλοντα.

Έχουμε γενικότερα τις εξής αποδόσεις (τουλάχιστον):

χρονολόγιο (έτσι και στο Facebook)
χρονική σειρά, χρονική αλληλουχία
χρονοδιάγραμμα, πρόγραμμα

Ειδικότερα για το Facebook (για να ξέρουμε τι εννοούν όταν λένε «on my timeline»):
Your Timeline is where you can see your posts or posts you’ve been tagged in displayed by date. It’s also part of your Profile.

Ιδού και η εγγραφή στο ODE, με πάμπολλα παραδείγματα, όπου προσθέτω πού και πού τις αποδόσεις που προτείνω, αν και δεν αποκλείω και βελτιώσεις:

timeline noun
A graphical representation of a period of time, on which important events are marked.

When it comes to writing about the past, Val told Louise it's important to get the timelines of events right. (χρονική σειρά, χρονολόγιο)
This is how the court can effectively monitor timelines and events. (χρονοδιάγραμμα)
One of the most useful features of this book is the timeline of events following the last chapter. (χρονολόγιο)
Throughout the planning period, give each presenter specific timelines regarding his or her presentation.
The vicious rumour persists to this day, even though the timeline of events completely negates this possibility. (χρονοδιάγραμμα, πρόγραμμα)
Both timelines converge at the end, when the movie reaches its powerful climax. (ροή των γεγονότων)
We need to blend a timeline of events in America with those in Australia too.
The papers, produced by the Executive's lawyers, include a detailed timeline of events.
They divided up tasks and used their copious notes to follow the timeline of events.
It is illustrated with cartoons and offers the reader a few simple charts, plus a timeline at the end of each chapter.
The team generates goals, timelines, diagrams, process maps, ideas and features displayed for all to see.
This time I wrote an enormous supporting document and embellished it with colour coded timelines, tables, schedules and diagrams.
It's full of maps, galleries, timelines and interactive segments.
As a rule, a good specification also should use various organizational or equipment timelines as reference points.
This timeline contains some of the major events that affect Canadian biodiversity.
The timeline above lists only those events that made it to the international press.
She organized all this information into timelines and vast collections of files, which then became exhibits and books.
The addition of a timeline would have helped readers maintain their bearings.
We organized logistics such as meetings, timelines, deadlines, practices, and carpools.​
Στο Χρηστικό, το "χρονολόγιο" ορίζεται ως "πίνακας γεγονότων κατά χρονολογική σειρά".

Σε διάφορα βιβλία υπάρχει στο τέλος "χρονολόγιο" του συγγραφέα, που αρχίζει με τη γέννησή του και χρόνο το χρόνο σημειώνει τα γεγονότα της ζωής του.