text message vs. email


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A couple of more questions relating to the internet world, if I may:

1) The phrase “Text Message” in English is clearly different from “Email” but in Greek, I, at least am feeling some confusion. How would one say “please send me a text message” in Greek and have it be clear that you don’t mean an email? Should one say send me an “SMS”?
2) Also, I seem to have encountered people using the word “Mail” in Greek to mean “Email”. Is this right? How does one distinguish in Greek, if you want something emailed rather than physically mailed through the postal system?
Thank you.

Good morning!

As to the first, I'd say that the word μήνυμα used to mean 'text message' but is now used indiscriminately for all message types (SMS, Messenger, Viber etc) but not e-mail. If you want to specify that you're referring to an SMS, you would say 'SMS' or maybe 'γραπτό μήνυμα'.

Regarding 'mail', it's the English word that's used as a synonym for e-mail: if you hear someone say "θα σου στείλω μέιλ" then they mean an e-mail. We'd use the Greek word when talking about the post: Θα σου το στείλω ταχυδρομικώς / Θα σου το ταχυδρομήσω, etc.