Türkçe ve Yunanca Ortak Kelimeler, Terimler ve Atasözleri Listesi / Κατάλογος κοινών ελληνικών και τουρκικών λέξεων, εκφράσεων, και παροιμιών


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Thanks for this. I'm afraid I can't make much of the phrases, though I can recognise some words here and there. The problem with the word list (pp. 6-112) is that it is haphazard and would probably be slightly more useful if it grouped the words under three categories: words of Greek origin (e.g. μπουντρούμι from Greek ιππόδρομος, to mention one of the less obvious ones), words of Turkish origin (e.g. χανούμισσα), and words of other origin (e.g. τσιγάρο / sigara).