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feed someone a line = κάνω τον υποβολέα σε κάποιον | πουλάω παραμύθι σε κάποιον


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1. Also, feed someone lines. Cue an actor with his or her next line (or lines), or tell someone what to say, as in Some contestants become tongue-tied, so someone has to feed them a line, or Eric still has trouble learning a part; he needs someone to feed him his lines.
2. Also, hand someone a line. Lead someone on, deceive with glib or exaggerated talk. For example, He really fed them a line about his important new position, or Don't hand me a line--I know exactly how much you paid for it. [Early 1900s]

American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms

1. κάνω τον υποβολέα σε κάποιον, του θυμίζω τι ακολουθεί, του λέω τα παρακάτω
2. πουλάω παραμύθι σε κάποιον


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Για τη δεύτερη σημασία έχουμε (οι υποτιτλιστικά σκεπτόμενοι) και το λιγάκι πιο σύντομο παραμυθιάζω κάποιον.