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cosmeceutical = φαρμακευτικό καλλυντικό


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cosmeceutical A cosmetic that has or is claimed to have healing or curative properties. (OED, με πρώτο παράδειγμα από το 1985: Soap, Cosmetics, Chem. Specialties Oct. 32/3 Dr. Grove also delivered a warning to cosmetic formulators who are creating ‘cosmeceuticals’, cosmetic products which contain actives.


In the USA, though the term cosmeceutical(s) has been around for some time and is very popular in the marketing of such products, it still causes problems for regulatory authorities like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who have refused to officially recognize it under the US Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Although there are strict controls on the development, testing and supply of drugs, no such constraints apply to cosmetics. In practice, this often leads to the careful labelling of cosmeceuticals in order to avoid claims about drug properties and thereby bypass regulation by the FDA, which can be time-consuming and very costly. […]

The expressions cosmeceutical and nutraceutical are blends of the word pharmaceutical with cosmetic and nutrition respectively. Used as both adjectives and nouns (generally in the plural form), the terms began to enter mainstream use in the early nineties, though cosmeceutical dates back to the 1970s, coined by dermatologist Albert Kligman. Nutraceutical first appeared in 1989, its coinage credited to US medic Dr Stephen DeFelice. […]