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    drain hole = σιφόνι

    Good morning friends, Could someone please help me with the best word or phrase for a drain hole that one would drill in to a balcony so that too much water wouldn't accumulate and flood in to an apartment? I see a number of options but am not sure which one is best: φρεάτιο αποχέτευση αγωγός...
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    weightlifter = αρσιβαρίστας, αθλητής άρσης βαρών

    Hello friends, I am wondering what some colloquial expressions are for a "weight lifter"? The kind of person who goes in to a gym and lifts weights. I'm looking for colloquial expressions that weight lifters might use themselves when they are referring to their sport. Thank you.
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    Hello friends, Can someone tell me what the colloquial word/ phrase is for a welder as in the person who uses a torch to attach pieces of metal together? I am looking for the word that street people might use. Thank you.
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    A 5-euro bill= "Τάλιρο" ?

    A 5 drachme coin used to be called a "Τάλιρο". Would a 5-euro bill be referred to the same way? Thank you.
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    Family or Class Reunion

    Thank you very much friends. I really appreciate it.
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    Family or Class Reunion

    These are interesting. I wouldn't have thought of these. So if one wanted to say "class reunion" what would the word for "class" be? :unsure: Thank you!
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    Family or Class Reunion

    The phrases "Family Reunion" or "Class Reunion"-- what would be the closest equivalent in Greek, friends? "Οικογενειακή Συγκέντρωση" sounds a little odd. I'm wondering if there is something more appropriate? Thank you. Cosmas
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    not at all surprising = καθόλου απροσδόκητα, διόλου απροσδόκητα

    Good morning friends, Is the right way to say "I heard the very good but not at all suprising news that your daughter got in to the University of Athens" "άκουσα τα πολύ καλά αλλά καθόλου απροσδόκητα νέα ότι η κόρη σου μπέικε στο Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών." Thanking you in advance... Cosmas
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    Symbol for "times" in Greek

    Thank you to both. This is very helpful.
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    χέρωμα > οχύρωμα = fortification

    Thank you to both of you. I really appreciate it.
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    Symbol for "times" in Greek

    Good morning friends, In English the symbol for "times" is "x". For example, 3 x 4 = 12. In Greek would you use "χ" or "*" or something else? Thanking you in advance...
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    χέρωμα > οχύρωμα = fortification

    Can someone please articulate to me what the word "χέρωμα" means? I am seeing it in book about the geography of a hilly town and having trouble finding its definition in the dictionaries. Thank you.
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    disturbing the peace = διατάραξη κοινής ησυχίας

    Thank you very much, Marino. I really appreciate it.