weightlifter = αρσιβαρίστας, αθλητής άρσης βαρών


Hello friends,

I am wondering what some colloquial expressions are for a "weight lifter"? The kind of person who goes in to a gym and lifts weights. I'm looking for colloquial expressions that weight lifters might use themselves when they are referring to their sport. Thank you.


weightlifter (as in one who does Olympic-style weightlifting): αρσιβαρίστας, αθλητής άρσης βαρών.

On a more casual level, (ie.one who trains with weights at the gym), you could use the term "αθλητής βαρών".

weightlifting: άρση βαρών

I do weights: κάνω βάρη
I lift weights: σηκώνω βάρη

weight training: προπόνηση/γυμναστική με βάρη