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Verbs associated with boats


Good morning all,

I am looking for the following verbs associated with boats and having trouble coming up with them:

I am SAILING the speed boat.
I am SAILING the sail boat
The ferry boat has left the harbor and is SAILING to its next destination.
I am PARKING the boat at the dock
The boat is PARKED in the harbor.
The boat has DEPLOYED its sails.
The boat is using its engine and SAILING without its sails
Strange that I can't find the right words for this. Thank you.
Some possible options are:
sailing: πλέω (με το σκάφος) / ταξιδεύω (προς προορισμό, but also με/χωρίς τα πανιά, με/χωρίς τη μηχανή...)
parking (i.e. mooring): δένω (εγώ δένω το σκάφος, but also το σκάφος δένει στο λιμάνι / στην προβλήτα) / (i.e. anchoring): αγκυροβολώ
deploy sails: ανοίγω (τα) πανιά

I'm sure that others will add more options.


Thank you dharvatis. Following up on your suggestions, I’m wondering how often the word “πλέω» is used? For example, is it common to use it in the following ways or does it sound “stilted?”

Το πλοίο πλέει προς τον Πειραιά με μειωμένη ταχύτητα.

Πλέουμε από τον Πόρο προς τον Πειραιά.

Πλέουμε χωρίς πανιά. Πλέουμε με την μηχανή.

Also, how about the word “αράξει” as used in the following sentences? Does it sound right?

Έχουμε αράξει στο λιμάνι του Πόρου.

Το σκάφος είναι αραγμένο στο Παλιό Λιμάνι.

Thank you!
All those examples are quite correct and very natural; you can use them freely. "Αράζω" is also a good option, and it can also mean "to beach/run aground" (also "προσαράζω" in that sense).


Oh, wow! Is "Αράζω" a negative thing – like to beach a boat in a storm? Or is it neutral as in “I am parking the boat at the dock.” > «Αράζω το σκάφος στον μόλο.»

Thank you!


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