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A serial entrepreneur is someone who started and ran multiple businesses throughout their career. Usually, these businesses either fail or exit before the Founders move on to their next venture.

A serial entrepreneur is an individual who continuously takes initiatives to convert opportunities into multiple new ventures throughout their career, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. In simple terms, a serial entrepreneur acts upon more than one opportunity and starts multiple business venture throughout their career.

A serial entrepreneur starts several businesses one after another rather than beginning one venture and staying focused on it for many years like a more typical entrepreneur. Serial entrepreneurs may sell their businesses after they reach a certain level of maturity. They may retain ownership while delegating day-to-day managerial responsibilities to other people. Or, if the business is underperforming, they may close it down and move on to the next idea. Some highly successful businesspeople are serial entrepreneurs. Startups organized by serial entrepreneurs are generally regarded as attractive opportunities by knowledgeable venture investors.

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