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plothole, plot hole = σεναριακό κενό


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plothole, plot hole = σεναριακό κενό, τρύπα της πλοκής

Από το BuzzWord των Macmillan:

noun [countable] an obvious mistake or missing element in the plot of a film, book or play
'Ryan Gosling turns on the charisma as a stuntman turned getaway driver in this slick LA noir, but its baffling plot holes mean it's not completely convincing.'
The Guardian 22nd September 2011

'Like with "Cars," inevitable plot-hole questions come up, like how do the robots have children or grow up, but if you don't think too much, the movie is fine.' 16th October 2011

A plothole is some kind of inconsistency in the plot of a film, book, play or TV show. Plotholes have various manifestations but can include such things as unlikely behaviour of characters, actions or events which contradict earlier elements of the storyline, and events which are impossible, illogical, or happen for no apparent reason. To take an example, the science-fiction adventure film Back to the Future (Universal, 1985) featured Marty McFly, a time-travelling teenager who goes back to 1955 and preserves his existence by ensuring that his parents fall in love with each other. The film is a personal favourite of mine but like others, as it transpires, I've often wondered why the people that Marty meets in 1955, especially his own parents, appear to completely forget about him as soon as he leaves. Shouldn't it strike his Mum as odd, for instance, that she later gives birth to a son who is the spitting image of a chap she knew in high school?! If I've whetted you're appetite and you're interested in more examples of plotholes, check out this link where they're identified in 40 classic films from the last few decades. [...]

Background – plothole
is a clever blend of the words plot and pothole which has been used by film and TV reviewers since the late seventies but still has limited coverage in mainstream dictionaries. [...]