History of Greek Cinema by Trifon Tzavalas


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History of Greek Cinema by Trifon Tzavalas
(edited by Takis Demopoulos)

This 6-volume work by Trifon Tzavalas surveys Greek cinema over the 100 years from 1900 to 2000. It considers not only the films themselves, but their financial, technical and political background from the period of their introduction in Hellas (Greece) to their eventual development. This work also is a thorough depiction of what has been done with motion picture production during the 20th century and in chronological order. As there is a rather meager supply of sources in English, especially about the early period this work will make readily available to the international public some important texts and sources of information

Due to his untimely illness, which to a great extent paralyzed Trifon in 2008, his friend Takis Demopoulos undertook the effort to edit and complete the publication. Zafiris Gourgouliatos assisted with the publication and web presentation.

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