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Euchites, Messalians = Ευχίτες, Μεσσαλιανοί


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The Euchites or Messalians were a sect first condemned as heretical in a synod of 383AD (Side, Pamphylia), whose acta was referred by Photius. From Mesopotamia they spread to Asia Minor and Thrace. The name 'Messalian' comes from the Syriac ܡܨܠܝܢܐ, mṣallyānā, meaning 'one who prays'. The Greek translation is εὐχίτης, euchitēs, meaning the same.

The group continued to exist for several centuries, influencing the Bogomils of Bulgaria, whose name appears to be a translation of "Messalian" (see Bogomils) and, thereby, the Bosnian church, the Paterenes and Catharism.

Ευχίται ή Μεσσαλιανοί (οι «δεόμενοι»)· αιρετικοί της Ανατολής (4ος-7ος αιώνας). [...]

Επειδή στη Συριακή βλέπουμε ότι δεν γράφεται φωνήεν, υπήρχε και η μεταγραφή Μασσαλιανοί και Μασαλιανοί.