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due to circumstances beyond my control = λόγω ανωτέρας βίας


If you want to cancel something like a reservation at a restaurant and you want to say "Due to circumstances beyond my control" you could say "εξαιτίας περιστάσεων πέρα από τον έλεγχό μου" --are there any other ways to say this?


Στα ελληνικά πολύ συχνά λέμε "λόγω ανωτέρας βίας", δηλαδή λόγω γεγονότων ή καταστάσεων που δεν μπορούμε να ελέγξουμε.


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Στα ελληνικά πολύ συχνά λέμε "λόγω ανωτέρας βίας"
Wow!! Thank you very much! I like that!

Yeah, it's like force majeure has somehow found its way into a colloquialism - which would be unlikely to happen in English, I reckon...

Another wording I came to think of, which also renders the "...beyond my control" part of your query (but contains no causal connector such as due to/λόγω), is «Δεν περνάει απ' το χέρι μου», or «Μακάρι να περνούσε απ' το χέρι μου»...


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FWIW ...
Due to circumstances beyond my control = due to unforeseen circumstances, due to insurmountable circumstances (sort of)?

... λόγω απρόβλεπτων/απρόοπτων/ανυπέρβλητων περιστάσεων/καταστάσεων;

More generally ...
λόγω εκτάκτου προβλήματος;
λόγω απροόπτου προβλήματος;
λόγω απρόβλεπτου και ανυπέρβλητου προβλήματος: (whatever the specific problem may be)


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λόγω απροόπτου προβλήματος;
Not very good examples, pontios, but I'd especially like to point out that the shorter version of the above, λόγω απροόπτου, is a good equivalent of "due to unforeseen circumstances".