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dendritic cells = δενδριτικά κύτταρα


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Πω πω, στραβή...
Ralph Steinman died days before winning Nobel prize
A decision will be made in the next 24 hours about whether Ralph Steinman can be posthumously awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine.
The award, to be shared by three researchers, was announced on Monday, before the Nobel Foundation knew Prof Steinman had died of pancreatic cancer. [...]
Prof Steinman received the award for revolutionising the understanding of the immune system.
He discovered the dendritic cell, which helps the body fight off infection.

Dendritic cells were first described by Paul Langerhans (Langerhans cells) in the late nineteenth century. It wasn't until 1973, however, that the term "dendritic cells" was coined by Ralph M. Steinman and Zanvil A. Cohn.