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    fishing gear = είδη αλιείας, σύνεργα ψαρέματος

    Για το δεύτερο, είδη ψαρέματος/είδη αλιείας. Για το πρώτο, 50% off δηλ. από 100 ευρώ γίνεται 50, 80% off: από 100 ευρώ γίνεται 20.
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    'Η ακόμα έι πραϊόραϊ
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    άλλο (ως επίρρημα)

    Just quickly (it's late!) "If you haven't got/can't find any blood, [then...]" σαν = if; δε = δεν. I too was brought up to think of Ancient Greek as the acme of perfection and of Mod Gr as an unworthy successor. I am glad that we have both found that to be anything but the truth (mind you, it...
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    builder's bottom/bum

    aka "builder's cleavage"
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    it made x horror look like a Sunday school picnic

    το χ ωχριά μπροστά στο ψ = x pales into insignificance compared with y. Not unrelated :)
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    Εξελληνίζονται οι κλώνοι τοπωνυμίων;

    Οι σημερινές κελτικές γλώσσες (π.χ.ουαλικά και ιρλανδικά) έχουν αρσενικό και θηλυκό μόνο. Στα ουαλικά τα ποτάμια και ρυάκια είναι θηλυκού γένους, όπως επίσης η λέξη afon /'avon/, ποτάμι. Το afon μας έδωσε το αγγλικό avon, όνομα πολλών ποταμιών της χώρας. Οπότε το river Avon είναι το ποτάμι...
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    The meaning of a cartoon

    εξάρες = double six (see dice at bottom of cartoon).
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    This funny thing landed in my email

    Maybe it's subjunctive :confused:
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    Άρχισαν τα όργανα

    (the) storm clouds are gathering...
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    It's just an alternative form. Citation form is φιάχνω.
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    cf "cold enough to freeze the balls off (or on) a brass monkey" (v Wiki sub brass monkey)
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    οι πελάτες που συνήθως δεν είναι στην πρώτη νεότητα...

    "the customers, who are usually not in their first youth, prefer to crowd together in the enclosed seating area, which in any case is the only one of the kentro. I take μοναδική to refer to αίθουσα. It's late here and I have a cold. The best my brain can do at the moment...
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    Φορούσε άσπρο πουλόβερ ...

    When we lived in Colombia, many of my male Colombian colleagues kept the little finger nail long. It was an indication that they were not manual workers, but white collar workers, so to speak. (In fact, academics). Daeman, appreciate your logopaignomania :cool:
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    Γ. Ιωάννου

    I can only answer on your language points. With regard to 5, i am reminded of the regulated periods during which noisy activity is (was?) not permitted'. i am no longer regularly in Athens to know if this still applies, though. "Καθορίζονται οι ώρες κοινής ησυχίας κατά την θερινή (από την 1...
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    X, Y, (and) Z

    There's also για τον Α ή το β λόγο