Micro-constructions: The Art of Writing Flash Fiction

There are places left and begins in a month. Some of the exercises will include: how to flash properly - elements and rules, flash as the moment in time and flash with a purpose. Feel free to join me to write flash fiction together and publish your pieces in Greece and abroad.

Link: New York Writer's Workshop - Vasilis Manousakis

In this online workshop, new writers of flash fiction will get acquainted with the techniques and characteristics of this very particular genre of the short short story, while seasoned writers will construct multiple flash stories brick by brick. From the origin and the elements of a flash story to the practice exercises and the feedback the participants will receive, each writer will be able to work together with the instructor to weave innovative ideas into just a few words. At the end of the seminar, all flash stories will be considered for inclusion into a special bilingual folder, English and Greek, in the Bonsai Stories literary e-zine.
Six ninety-minute sessions, each beginning with craft talk, followed by a close reading of one or two pieces of flash, an exercise, then critique from participants but primarily the instructor.