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    to collect stamps = κάνω συλλογή γραμματοσήμων, μαζεύω γραμματόσημα

    What would the expression in modern Greek be for someone who collects stamps? I'm looking for the colloquial expression - preferably a verb - not the noun for someone who is a philatelist. It wouldn't be "Ο Γιάννης μαζεύει γραμματόσημα" would it? That doesn't sound right.
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    digital file = ψηφιακό αρχείο, ηλεκτρονικό αρχείο

    Hello friends, I wonder if someone could tell me what the proper phrase in Greek is for a "Digital File" as in the file that was used to create a pdf. If it was a Microsoft Word file, for example, it would be the actual Word file that was used to generate a pdf? Thank you. Cosmas
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    She is our architect

    3rd for one day, guys. I hope that's okay. I believe I may have asked this before but cannot find the thread. If I have a female architect how would I refer to her? "Η Μάρω είναι η αρχιτεκτόνισσά μας" sounds a little crude. Am I right or should I just do it? Alternatively could one say "Η...
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    to stream a show

    A second one today, if I may. Streaming has become a very important activity with Covid and I am wondering how one uses this word in Greek. I have a feeling it's the same word but if one wanted to use it as a verb to say "I want to stream this movie by Aliki Vouyouklaki" how would one do it...
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    to sharpen a knife = ακονίζω ένα μαχαίρι

    Good morning everyone from the east coast of the United States. How would one say "To sharpen a knife" in modern Greek? Or is there anyone in town who can sharpen our knives? Thank you. Cosmas
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    Triage and Trauma Center

    Greetings friends, I wonder if someone could guide me to what would be the Greek counterparts to the medical terms-- Triage=the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties. and Trauma Center = A trauma...
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    To retire as a verb

    Dear friends, I know I have posted about this before and never really gotten a "satisfactory" answer. It's hard to believe, but I'm trying to find a way to say the simple phrase "Have you retired?" or "I have retired" without saying "Έχεις πάρει την σύνταξη σου;" because that brings in the...
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    My share of the bill

    To say "My share of the bill" at a restaurant could be simply "εγώ χρωστάω αυτό το ποσό" but could one also say "το μερίδιο μου είναι το εξής..."? Wondering if they would both sound colloquial? Thank you. Cosmas
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    To calculate vs to guesstimate/guestimate

    Good morning friends, The verb in Greek for "calculate" seems like it is "λογαριάσω" and, maybe, "υπολογίσω". Does one of them have the connotation of "Estimate"? For example, if you want to say "I will calculate what my expenses are this month" meaning that you will add up precise figures and...
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    text message vs. email

    Good morning friends, A couple of more questions relating to the internet world, if I may: 1) The phrase “Text Message” in English is clearly different from “Email” but in Greek, I, at least am feeling some confusion. How would one say “please send me a text message” in Greek and have it be...
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    20th Wedding Anniversary

    Dear friends, How does one say “20th” as in “20th wedding anniversary”? I want to say “We’re celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary” my first try would be “Γιορτάζουμε την ______επέτειο γάμου” but it sounds a little awkward right? Would it be better to just say “Γιορτάζουμε 20 χρόνια γάμου”...
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    more than I deserve

    In a prayer, if you wanted to say "You've given me more than I deserve" to God, would it be «μου έδωσες παρά πάνω από τι μου αξίζει» Or if you want to say “I don’t deserve such generosity”… what would sound colloquial and not too “wooden”? Thank you.
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    to straighten out

    This may be a more difficult one. Following up on the "To show some leadership" thread below, with all of your good suggestions, thank you, wondering if there's a phrase for "We'll straighten them out" referring to a situation where there a place (like an apartment building) that is falling...
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    to show some leadership

    "To show some leadership" as in a situation where an apartment building is falling apart and the tenants/ owners are not working together to fix it. People are not coming to συνελεύσεις or if they come there's no one making the hard decisions. «Να δείξουμε ηγεσία» or «Χρειαζόμαστε ηγεσία»...
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    Copy/ Paste, Save As, Format

    Good morning friends, Wondering what the colloquial Greek phrases are for the following software-related actions. I could try a English-Greek dictionary but I am looking for the colloquial expressions. What would a teenager, for example, or a college student use? Some of these may be Grenglish...
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    A printer or a service bureau

    Dear friends, In English the term "a service bureau" is used for a company that provides printing and photocopying services. Would the term for this in Greek be "εκτυπωτής" and if you call one on the phone would you say "είσαστε εκτυπωτής;" Τhank you.
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    You're busy

    Dear friends, Looking for ways to say “You’re busy” or “You’re too busy” to someone who doesn’t seem to be able to complete a task you have assigned him because he’s too busy. What comes to mind is: Είσαι πιεσμένος Δεν έχεις χρόνο Είσαι «φοολ» Any other expressions that convey the state of...
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    to do something voluntarily

    Good morning friends, "To do something voluntarily" without being forced to do it or asked to do it, I feel like the only option is "εθελοντικά" as in "to εκανε εθελοντικά". Is that the right way of saying it or is it a little awkward? Is there a more casual/ colloquial expression that may be...
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    Does "Ludus" mean anything in Greek?

    In line with my post below about Pragma, I am wondering it seems that this is a word that means playful love but does anyone know whether its based on anything in Greek??:eek::cry: As I said, there's a candle company that wants to market a line of candles with these names so they are asking me...
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    "Πράγμα" = Long standing love?

    Good morning friends, I was approached by someone in the United States who is developing a line of candles with the named "Pragma" which she said means "Long standing love in Ancient Greek". She was asking what the Greek spelling would be. Can someone confirm this and tell me what the spelling...