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  1. Marisa Constantinides

    νόμιμη μετάφραση

    Validated? or Validated by a lawyer?
  2. Marisa Constantinides


    Συμφωνώ ...>Οui! Oui! Αυτό είναι το σωστό.
  3. Marisa Constantinides

    αναβάθμιση (περιοχής)

    Here is my 1 cent These works are expected to contribute to the development of the area of Aghios Demetrios. I have no problem with most of the words suggested - from the denotational point of view (improve/enhance/boost/elevate) but would normally expect them to be followed by something...
  4. Marisa Constantinides

    beer goggles = παραμορφωτικοί φακοί, «παρα-ομορφωτικοί φακοί»

    Beer goggles flashes My favourite one is a small animation I've had for some time - you can choose the ending yourself - but I can't upload it so will send it to admin to do whatever he pleases with it.