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    Join: a simple verb that can trick translators

    Simple, isn't it? I heard it again last night on TV shortly after the grand jury decision was announced Obama Calls on Nation to Accept Ferguson Decision, Protest Peacefully I join Michael's parents in asking anyone who protests this decision to do so peacefully, said president Obama...
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    know better (than to do something)

    Morning boys and girls! Here's a phrase that's been giving me a hard time depending on context. Apparently, it defies any one-size-fits-all translation. Any ideas on short renditions (i.e., short enough to use with subtitling)? Pick any two of the following examples, or use your own. Ideally...
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    Marijuana legalization Q&A: What's next for Oregon?

    2014 US midterm elections: Marijuana Legalization (measure 91) Driver's license (EU's ID Card equivalent) to illegal aliens (measure 88) This morning, I read 91 passed (in effect as of 2015), but 88 didn't. Find all yesterday's midterm elections results (2014) here Marijuana legalization. 1...
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    Lexilogia's μαργαριτάρια

    Recently seen here (no names, please): [...] αποφάσισα ότι έχουμε ασυμφωνία χαρακτήρων. [...] αποφάσισα ότι πρέπει να έχουμε ένα νήμα που να [...] αποφάσισα ότι θέλω να ξαναμπώ με άλλο όνομα «Εδώ, πρόκειται για αποφάσεις;[...] ή απλώς κρίσεις;» asked Ioanna Papazafeiri, long before she...
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    παρεμβαίνω προς

    Hi folks, Earlier today, a colleague with State* asked me if I have any record or exact explanation for a puzzling construction such as the following example: Παρέμβαση του Δήμου προς τη ΔΕΗ Frankly, I'm not familiar with this usage (old/new?), i.e., παρεμβαίνω προς κάποιον/κάτι; just the...
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    Yes, "irregardless" is now OK to use. A relatively recent American champion, revered by some, despised by many. What...? You think I'm kidding? Admittedly, logic forbids it, grammar history denounces it, academics abhor it, but... mainstream usage OK's it for public discourse. Logically, this...